UNISON doing their part

On Sunday 19th August two local UNISON stewards, Mark Small and Lewis Bannan along with Lewis’s Dad Ian Bannan embarked on a long and challenging journey, to complete the 25.8 mile long “MIGHTY STRIDE” in aid of SiMBA. Between them they managed to raise an incredible £467 that will go towards a Tree of Tranquillity to be situated in Dundee Botanic Gardens.

The SiMBA Trees of Tranquillity are stunning hand crafted, life sized sculptures, made from copper, where each leaf on the tree represents the loss of a baby. The Tree’s design is unique to SiMBA, and is adorned with individual leaves, each engraved with a personal message. Its aim is to offer bereaved parents the opportunity to honour their baby in a simple, quiet way and will effectively ‘grow’ as leaves are added.

The Tree of Tranquillity is not just for the newly bereaved but also parents who sadly lost their baby years ago and were perhaps provided with little or no recognition of their baby’s existence. The Tree will provide the means to express a private and public declaration in memory of the lost hopes and dreams for the baby. It is a beautiful symbol of remembrance.




Mark Small ” The kilt walk was a great experience though tough towards the end of the 25.8 miles, it was for a very worthy cause and I would like to thank all that sponsored myself, Lewis and his dad. As per the photos we were broken men by the end, the next time we take part I think a little training is in order rather than a 12 pack of Stella and a curry “.

Lewis Bannan ” Taking part in the kilt walk was such a rewarding experience, we met and spoke to a good number of people along the way. We started off good but a bitty to quick as we over took well over a thousand people with a good power walk, we all agreed that was the biggest mistake we made as it caught up with us after the 10 mile mark. The hardest part for myself was the last 2 miles when the blister on my left heel had popped, that was the most painful thing ever. I pushed myself to the finish line with a sore smile on my face “.

Ian Bannan ” My experience of the kilt walk was an awesome day with my son and his colleague Mark. If it wasn’t for the laughing and the banter during the walk then I think it might have been more of a struggle but then you realise the reason that you are doing it and that helps you reach your goal. Crossing the finish line felt quite emotional as I had achieved my goal, Great day great people “.